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What is a Sitepackage?

A Sitepackage is a TYPO3 Extension that containers all relevant configuration for a Website. Having all configuration stored in a package keeps it protected from unauthorized access. As Extension your Sitepackage will manage your dependencies to other Extensions and/or the TYPO3 Version. This will ease your deployment and enables you to put the configuration of your Webiste under Version Control.

Learn more about the best practices recommended from the TYPO3 Core Team.

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Pros and Cons

Site­package Classic
Config files not accessible by editors Yes No
Config files are protected * Yes No
Autoload PageTS Yes No
Autoload TypoScript Yes No
Static PageTS Template Yes No
Static TypoScript Template Yes No
Dependency Management Yes No
Distribution through TER Yes No
Clean Version Control possible Yes No

* Possible but not common practice

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